D.C.’s Final Seed Share Attracts Thousands


D.C.'s Final Seed Share (1)

Just a few days ago, Washington, D.C. hosted it’s first public seed share at Libertine Absinthe bar in Adams Morgan. Over 800 hopefuls lined up just one month after Initiative 71 was made into law to claim their very own legal marijuana seeds. The article that follows is from WUSA9 and can be found at here

For the second time this week, people stood in line for free marijuana seeds

The line was even longer Saturday for folks wanting marijuana seeds than the first ‘seed share’ on Thursday. Thousands waited outside DC Cannabis Campaign headquarters for hours for a few seeds. People have never been so elated standing in the cold.

“Everyone is very happy to be here,” said Amy Dunham.

“We’re all getting along, all creeds and color,” added Patrick Mitchell

The line stretched several blocks along embassy row on Massachusetts Avenue NW for the historic marijuana seed share event.

“These seeds are a form of freedom, the whole world has been waiting not just D.C.,” Mitchell stated.

Mike and Amy Dunham are excited they don’t have to hide their secret anymore.

“Our generation is coming out of the closet with stuff like this. A lot of us have been smoking hush hush for many many years.”

Initiative 71 passed overwhelmingly by D.C. voters in the fall.

The rules are strict: You must be 21-years-old, no money can exchange hands, you’re not allowed to smoke in public, it’s illegal to have more than two ounces of marijuana and you can’t grow more than 6 plants.

“It means freedom, healing, it means allowing something that shouldn’t have been prohibited in the first place,” Stephanie Carre explained.

“It’s mind blowing we’re in the generation that’s coming to be. This is nuts everyone handing out seeds in D.C.,” said Dave Perillo.

“People willing to wait in line for a few seeds that’s a beautiful thing,” added Adam Eidinger of D.C. Cannabis Campaign proposed Initiative 71.

Remember the rule: home grown – home use. Roughly 25,000 seeds have been given out in the two day event.

Congress tried to stop legal marijuana, but the mayor and D.C. leadership fought back.

So far no legal action has been taken against them.

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