6 Tips To Starting Your Own Cannabis Business

Are you a savvy-entrepreneur who wants to get into the cannabis business? Or perhaps a lifelong grower who wants to enter the legal market? In either case, if you’re looking to start your own cannabis business, there are a few key factors you have to take into account. Some of these are specific to cannabis[…]

How Does Weed Work?

The United States has a ban on the research of cannabis but Australia doesn’t! Their National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) has all the information you need about cannabis. Cannabis has long been used as a medical and recreational drug due to the healing and psychoactive effects associated with the plant. These effects are[…]

Cannabis is medicine? Really?

  Yes really. It’s been around longer than you have. Or your great-great-grandfather has, as a matter of fact. Medical cannabis, also known as medical marijuana, refers to using cannabis as medical therapy to alleviate symptoms and treat various diseases. Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds that react with receptors in brain cells to slow the release[…]